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World Travel Insider: What’s Been going on!?

Hey all- I figured since my articles have been slacking lately, that I should fill you in with what has been going on in my random and exciting life!  I apologize for not keeping up with new material, but now that I’m in a new fun city and country I will be much better about it!  Please continue reading, leaving feedback and sending messages about your traveling queries!

2011 did not do this for me! haha

2011 did not do this for me! haha

2011—wahh wahh

In a nutshell once I returned to Phoenix from Australia in Dec 2010 I loathed being back in The States.  I was extremely happy to see my family, friends, and pups, but got bored very easily.  There were a few factors that had me wanting to get away ASAP.  First being that as I looked at finally entering the “real world” I was put off once again by the job market and the financial state that the country was still in.  Getting into a shit job with a less than desirable salary was not too encouraging.  Also as a lot of people that travel often experience- when you come back everyone is pretty much doing the same thing.  I’m not judging those doing this but I am not a fan and this is not a lifestyle that I’m after at this point in my life.  So I figured if I went away again- this would probably be the same situation when I eventually returned home after my next adventure.  So with my travel bug itching I began researching on where I would venture next- and no, not stateside.

On a more positive note…2011 was great time to be home, catch up with friends and take a couple domestic trips.  I managed to make it out to Las Vegas three times and to New York City as well.  I did enjoy being home minus the itch to travel- I re-built and made some great new friendships while I was back in Arizona!

Corinne and I in Vegas at The Encore

New York City with two of my favorites- Bri and Sarah

A great group of friends for my 26th Birthday!

Where to Next?

So after some extensive research my amazing and encouraging mother helped me land on moving to the lovely country of New Zealand!  My parents had been to NZ and absolutely loved it.  Since I never had never been some research was in order.  Auckland proved to be the best bet in the beginning of my new adventure due to the temperate climate, beaches and the fact that I had a few friends living there that I had met during past travels.  I was able to get the same visa that I did in Australia, called the United States of America Working Holiday Scheme.  I applied online, it cost $0, and I was approved within a few days to work and live in the country for a year.  So once the visa was approved I bought a round-trip, non-stop ticket, from Los Angeles to Auckland on Qantas and 30 days later I was on my way! My only setback thus far is the disgusting amount of baggage I have packed, but some things never change.  Maybe one day I will learn my lesson….? :)

My Genius “Plan” for 2012

So the game plan is get a job and work my lil booty off here in the amazingly beautiful city of Auckland for a bit!  An American friend, Leah, is coming over in mid-January and we’re going to do a little road trip of the North and South islands of New Zealand.  It should be interesting as I have never driven on the left side of the road and we may be camping some of the time, but I’m sure we’ll make it work and it will be one to remember.  Also I hope to go on a South East Asia adventure with one of my best friends from home, Brianna, in late March!  So work work work is the plan and try and minimize my spending so all my dreams can come true this year!  I hope to stay away the entire year and experience all that this area of the Southern Hemisphere has to offer!  Obviously the parents have to come and visit and I think a rendezvous in the Cook Islands is in order. :)

So wish me luck and keep reading!  I really appreciate all the support!  Feel free to contact me with specific things are areas you would like to hear about as I am abroad once again! :)  Continue reading about my adventures in my articles to come!

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