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Queenstown: Adventure Capital of New Zealand

Queenstown is a gorgeous and unique city located on the South Island of New Zealand.  It is the adventure sport capital of New Zealand and there is always something to do regardless of the season.  Queenstown is set around gorgeous Lake Wakatipu and magnificent mountain ranges- it is literally one of the most picturesque places I have been.  I visited here in mid February for a week with my friend Leah and we managed to keep ourselves busy in this crazy lil’ party town.  I would definitely say that this is a must see in New Zealand for whatever age you are and what you’re into adventure-wise.

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu

Getting There and Where to Stay

Queenstown is located on the southern part of the South Island.  It can be reached by plane very easily, having an international airport very close by, but also by car or by bus.  A good site for travel via plane around New Zealand is WebJet as it searches and compares all the available airlines at once for you.  Where you stay shouldn’t be so dependent on location, since Queenstown is walkable for the most part.  The accommodation you choose really depends on your age and whether or not you want to go the hostel or hotel route.  Queenstown is quite a party town and is known for having a lot of backpackers traveling through and living in this gorgeous city.  This trip I stayed in a hostel at 26 and I have to say that this will have been my final stay in a hostel due to my old age. 😉  We stayed at Nomad’s Queenstown and it was actually the nicest hostel I’ve ever stayed in- having won the Best Hostel in New Zealand a few years in a row.  It was new, clean, with tons of facilities, and friendly helpful staff.  There are a few other hostels in Queenstown, but I would definitely recommend splurging a few extra dollars and staying somewhere nice and very social.  Like I said if you’re a bit over the whole “hostel scene” or aren’t in your 20’s, go for one of the great hotels in the Queenstown.


Streets of Queenstown

What to Do

Queenstown is a destination for all types of travelers including the adrenaline-seekers, party-goers, and those who just simply want to enjoy the beauty.  Some of the most popular activities include: The Nevis Bungee and Swing, being the highest bungy in NZ, Canyoning, (my friend Leah went and absolutely loved it) extreme Jet Boating with Shotover Jet Company, (which I did and loved) and dozens more extreme activities.  During the winter season, June to early October, Queenstown offers 5 ski areas and it’s known to have some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the southern hemisphere.  Once you’re done with all the crazy activities during the day, I’d say you’ve earned yourself a few beverages and an opportunity to indulge in Queenstown’s ridiculous nightlife.  The bars are all walking distance, which is key and some of my favorites were:  Cowboy’s- for their $10 Liter beers, Minus 5 Ice Bar- for the unique ambiance, The Buffalo Club- for the fire, not the slutty dancers, and The World Bar- for their entertainment and teapots of booze.

Cowboys Bar Queenstown`

Leah, Alex and I enjoying our liter beers @ Cowboys

teapot worldbar

Leah loving her teapot at World Bar

Also a cheap option for having a few beverages is to pop into the local bottle shop and pick up some beers to drink along the lake.  This is ideal on a sunny day and is legal until the ban kicks in at 8pm.  Another fun budget-friendly activity is Frisbee Golf, or disc golf as they call it, in the Botanical Gardens.  You can rent the frisbees/discs in local shops with about a $5 deposit and the course is free.  Be aware of hazards, such as the lake and high trees, it really is much more difficult than it looks.

Gorgeous Views from the Frisbee Golf Course

It would seem wrong to post a blog without talking about the must haves regarding food in Queenstown.  Probably the best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever had was at the Vudu Cafe– definitely worth a splurge one morning- their french toast is to die for to!  A MUST while in Queenstown is indulging in a huge burger and chips from the super famous Ferg Burger.  The interesting combination of ingredients and also the types of meat used in their burgers is what makes this place so unique.  They also have a pie shop called Ferg Pies and both places are open til the wee hours for those late night munchies.  You will not be disappointed, it’s worth the wait.

Most amazing Eggs Benedict @ Vudu Cafe

A Gorgeous FergBurger and Chips

I hope this was helpful in assessing where to go while in New Zealand.  To sum it up: you will never go hungry, be thirsty, or bored in this amazing town.  Please leave comments or feel free to message me with any further questions you may have! :)

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