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iGo: Electronics that Go Anywhere and Simplify Your Packing

As I get ready for my big move to Australia I am stunned by the abundance of things I “have to bring”, especially all my electronics I can’t live without.  I have multiple cameras, a camcorder, iPods, phones, my laptop…and the list goes on.  And we all know that with each of these devices you have at least a separate charger and cords for importing.  I am so thankful that I have been introduced to the genius company that is iGo.  iGo specializes in making universal and eco-friendly chargers for laptops, MP3 players, phones, and digital cameras to name a few.  All you need to charge all your gadgets while away, or at home, is one of their chargers and the necessary tips for your devices.  This simplifies my packing so much without having to bring the necessary 15+ accessories to keep all my electronics charged and ready for action.

The majority of my electronics and their cords / chargers! A lot to pack...

The majority of my electronics and all their accessories before I invested in iGo!

My new favorite product from iGo is called Charge Anywhere.  It’s a small charging device that allows you to charge your electronics while plugged into the wall, but also has an internal Lithium-ion battery that charges at the same time.  This means that you can be in a car, on a plane, or anywhere without an outlet and are able to charge your electronics without a worry.  I just got back from LA and used my Charge Anywhere on the plane while my iPhone was low on battery so I could continue my aggressive game of Uno on my phone.  Another great feature the Charge Anywhere has is the ability to charge 2 items at once, or if you have a splitter, you can charge three.  I’m excited Charge Anywhere is dual voltage and I will only have to put on an adapter, which iGo also makes, while in Australia and I can safely charge all my favorite gadgets on the wall and while I’m out and about sightseeing.  Priced at only $49.99 this item is a must for you fellow travelers or someone who is always on the go.

iGo Charge Anywhere

iGo Charge Anywhere

Another amazing product by iGo, which is ideal for travel, is their International Travel Adapter.  This small white cube contains all you need to be able to use your dual voltage electronics while abroad and covers over 150 countries.  It is compatible with both 2 or 3 prong devices, which can sometimes be an issue.  It also has a USB port to charge any of your gadgets that have USB capability such as an iPod or my new Flip Video Camera.  Also not only is it handy and small, it’s extremely affordable and is only $24.99.  Most adapters with these features start at $35 and aren’t nearly as compact and easy to use.  I can’t wait to use mine in Australia and wherever else I may end up in the world.

iGo International Travel Adapter

iGo also has tons more products that are very compact and useful for use while traveling or at home.  The 39-in-1 Multi-Card Reader enables you to transfer files to or from your computer without the need of cords or adapters.  This product is a lifesaver when trying to get photos from friends or if you happened to have lost your camera cord.  Another product that is great if you’re on the move is the powerXtender Charger which operates on 2 AA batteries and is ideal for the moments when you have no power and need a quick charge on your phone or other device.

iGo Multi-Card Reader

I’m so happy to be able to simplify my packing in ONE aspect with my chargers and new products from iGo!  Now that I have one area of my life packed up, time to get back to packing up the rest of it.  All my fans definitely need to check out iGo to save some energy and space for charging all your precious electronics while on the road or at home.

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