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Really another travel blog???

So I’m sure everyone is wondering why I decided to jump on the “blog band wagon” along with thousands of others.  I decided to start this blog to share with all of you my experiences and travel tips that I have acquired through the years.  I have made many mistakes that I hope none of you ever have to experience!

As I look around the internet for advice on what are the best places to party, sites that are a must see in cities, and just general tips for traveling abroad, I am very disappointed.  Of course we’ll find the sites that are geared towards seniors who love the tours and what not, but it’s very hard to find useful information for people in my age group. I decided to change that and hope that you find my site helpful, entertaining, and of course inspiring to get out there and travel more.

I’m not an experienced writer, aside from the BS papers in college, and constructive criticism is always welcome and appreciated. With this blog I plan on posting multiple times a week so check back often for new content.  I will post general travel tips, information about some of my favorite cities, and also travel articles that I’ve come across and felt were very helpful.  Also I plan on moving to Australia at the end of 2009 and will share my adventures with you all as I make the transition to the other side of the globe.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or personal tips and experiences you may have as a fellow traveler.  I love talking to people who share my passion and am always interested in learning about something new! I hope that you all find my adventures and tips helpful and that this becomes your one stop shop for travel advice and stories!

Ciao for now and I wish you all safe travels! :)


Me in Bellagio, Italy on Lake Como Summer 2008

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