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Fraser Island: Australia’s Nature at it’s Finest

When I look back and think about my adventure down the East Coast of Australia my favorite part would have to be my trip to Fraser Island. I went on a 3 day and 2 night 4X4 and camping adventure that I surprisingly loved- especially considering how much I was out of my element.  Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and I was honestly shocked by its natural beauty.  The island has breathtaking freshwater lakes and streams, sand dunes, rain forests, and is home to some ridiculously scary wildlife.  The most popular way to enjoy the island is by taking a guided 4X4 tour from either Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay.  There is also accommodation on Fraser Island through numerous hotels if you’re not quite ready for that tent experience.

Our 4WD Vehicles for the Journey

Our 4WD Vehicles for the Fraser Island Journey

Nomad’s Fraser Island Tour

The tour I went on and would definitely recommend was the Nomad’s Fraser Island Tour that departs from Hervey Bay.  It was a 3 day tag-along 4 wheel drive tour with about 40 people and a wonderful guide, Tony, who had been doing this for years.  The guide was the lead car, which I was in because I couldn’t drive a manual, and there were 4 4X4’s that followed us through the diverse terrain of the island.  Another great aspect of this tour is the camp site provided with working toilets, showers, and BBQs.  Also your tents are already set up- so you don’t have to deal with that.  Obviously the facilities weren’t “5 Star” but you’re grateful for what you can get while camping.  It beats the hell out of digging a hole to do your business in- let me tell you!



Loving life in the front seat of our 4X4!

Our Base Camp

Things to Do

With Fraser Islands diverse landscape comes many things to do and see around the island.  Although the island is surrounded by some gorgeous beaches you are not able to swim in the ocean due to dangerous tides and predators such as sharks, which is unfortunate.  Fraser Island is fortunately home to over 100 freshwater lakes and I was so happy to experience a few of them.  Our first stop on the trip after some pretty hardcore 4X4 was at Lake Garawongera, which was absolutely gorgeous and perfect for a swim in the clear waters.  Lake McKenzie is hands down the most beautiful and worth a visit and a swim in the gorgeous waters, but is quite touristy and can get very crowded.  We also hiked miles through the rainforest and sun dunes to discover Lake Wabby and took a much needed dip.   Relaxing in the Champagne Pools was one of my favorite things to do as they were located right on the ocean.  Floating down Eli Creek was also nice and relaxing and the views from Indian Head were breath-taking.

Sand Dunes

Me mid-hike to Lake Wabby in the Dunes

Gorgeous Lake Wabby

Gorgeous Lake Wabby

Lake McKenzie

Jumping for joy @ Lake McKenzie

Indian Head

Spectacular Views from Indian Head

Gorgeous Champagne Pools


Australia definitely takes the cake when it comes to intense wildlife and Fraser Island isn’t lacking in this area.  The first animal to be aware of and worry about is all the wild dingos on the island.  They look cute and innocent but definitely aren’t and you always need to stay with at least one person while on the island to steer clear of these bad boys.  There are also tons of dangerous snakes, spiders, bugs- you name it and the island probably has it.  The wildlife that was the worst for me was these huge horseflys that they call Marsh Flies.  They bite the shit out of you and it really hurts, but thankfully the bites don’t itch.  A tip that I learned is that they are attracted to blue- so try and refrain from wearing this while on the island.  I of course had a blue towel and these babies loved me!  Definitely also make sure to get some good bug spray cause you will get eaten alive by mosquitoes and god knows what.  We used Bushman spray and it seemed to work quite well.  Although we were prepared we still ended up with tons of bites and came across tons of wildlife I would been ok with not seeing!

marsh fly

The Evil Marsh Fly! *On my blue towel of course*


One of the numerous Dingos we saw up close and personal!

Hope this post was helpful to those of you looking to visit Fraser Island.  It truly is an amazing experience and an absolutely breathtaking place in Australia.  For some more pics check out my Fraser Island pictures on my Flickr!!

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