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Coffs Harbour & South West Rocks: First Trip In Australia

My second week here in Sydney was suppose to be filled with job hunting and beginning to work, while enjoying settling into my apartment.  This quickly changed when my new flatmate, Pete, offered a free trip up the coast to get his car, hit up some beaches, and drive back down to Sydney.  I wanted to be responsible but after a few glasses of a nice Australian Sauvignon Blanc, I couldn’t say no.  The next morning I was on a quick Virgin Blue flight to Coffs Coast and was super excited about seeing more of the Australia and getting some more beach time in.

Coffs Harbour

The airport at Coffs was one of the smallest I have ever been in and I loved it, the simplicity of an airport usually sets the tone for the city.  We picked up the flatmates car, which thankfully hadn’t been towed, and headed straight to the beach at Coffs Harbour.  After laying out for a few hours we went to the Yacht Club, which is one of the main restaurants/bars in the area, and met some of Pete’s friends for some drinks and dinner.  I tried VB, Victoria Bitter, for the first time and can’t lie, I enjoyed it.  I’m still shocked by how much beer I’m drinking down here but I’m learning to appreciate it.  The next morning we headed to the beach again at Coffs Harbour to lay out, take a quick swim and then left for South West Rocks.

One of the beaches in Coffs Harbour

Myself enjoying the beautiful beach in Coffs Harbour

South West Rocks

After a short hour drive and a quick lunch in Nambucca, which wasn’t the classiest place I’ve been, we arrived in South West Rocks.  Although there is negative cell phone service in the area, I loved it here because it was so relaxing and everyone was beyond friendly.  My friend Tim was with his family and family friends camping right by the beach at the Arakoon campsite, which is located by the Trial Bay Gaol, yes that’s “jail.”  The camping here was not quite roughing it due to the electricity provided to power their kitchen supplies and of course their televisions to watch their beloved cricket, which I’m still completely lost on the rules.  I didn’t stay the night on the campsite but after seeing what amenities are available I think I may consider it in the future.  I spent a lot of time with the group just drinking beers, going to the beach, and exchanging hilarious stories.  It was great to be around a fun laid back family since I really miss mine.  There really isn’t much to do here but relax on the beach, take in the amazing wildlife, and enjoy some quality time with friends over a good meal and just a ‘few’ drinks.

Trial Bay at dusk- Super warm and calm little cove!

Enjoying a nice "Cold" beer in Trial Bay

Within moments of arriving at the campsite I sighted my first local wildlife, which was very exciting.  It was a huge kangaroo just chilling and munching on some grass.  They are very tame animals but you need not to get too close because they are very strong and will kick your ass.  I got some pictures with him, like the tourist I am, and we continued on a little wildlife excursion.  We came across a family of roos, with little joey’s/babies that were so cute.  I also fed a kookaburra, which I have on video, so check that out.  Later on we took some beers to the cliffs and sat as we saw a fever of stingrays, literally hundreds, sea turtles, and enjoyed the gorgeous views of the coastline.  The not so pleasant side of Aussie wildlife would have the be the abundance of flies, which is worst the farther north you are, also mosquitoes, cockroaches, other beetles, and spiders….to name a few.

My first up close and personal shot with a Kangaroo!

A great place to see some sea life & enjoy the view in South West Rocks!

Journey Home

After 3 days and nights of doing absolutely nothing but tanning, eating, and drinking, it was time to head home.  The drive wasn’t the most pleasant due to my slight hangover from the over indulgence of alcohol the previous day and night.  The highlight of the trip home was me experiencing my first meat pie.  We stopped at the World Famous Fredo Pies in Frederickton and I was crazy about my Steak Diane meat pie.  I’m definitely hooked now, but am scared that most will not meet my expectations since my first was one of the best.  This place also had meat pies made out of kangaroo, emu, crocodile, and hundreds more.  After the pit stop we continued the drive home, which ended up taking about 8 hours, 3 hours too long, due to accidents and random set backs.  I had a great mini-vacation up the coast and am so happy I decided to go before getting tied down here in Sydney.  Check out my pics on Flickr from my trip!  Everyone please leave feedback and any questions you may have! :)

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