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Barcelona: ¿Dónde está la fiesta?

Where to party in Barcelona is a very good question, and one of the reasons why this is pretty much my favorite city.  The party is everywhere! There are good bars and clubs in all areas of the city and they go all day….and night! There really is something for every type of party personality in this city and I love it! I have had some ridiculous nights that I will never forget, well what I remember from them!


Chiringuitos are little cabana bars that are located along the beaches.  These bars have great music, food, and spectacular freshly made drinks.  I experienced one of the best mojitos at one of these bars and what a better atmosphere to enjoy it than on the beach with great music.  At night most have DJ’s and some have lights to allow those interested to take a night swim.


My girls and I enjoying a delicious mojito @ an amazing chiringuito!

Chupito means shot in Spanish.  There are a few of these bars around town that feature the most ridiculous shots imaginable.  Pick from a list of hundreds of specialty shots,  from the wall and get drunk for about €4 a shot! These places get busy early on so make this your first stop off of the night.  Espit Chupitos is located on Calle d´Aribau 77 in Plaza Universitat, part of the Eixemple area of the city.


A Flaming s'mores shot AKA ridiculous and delicious!

The Champainaria is pretty much a match made in heaven for those that love bocadillos (Spanish Sandwiches) or tapas and Cava (Spanish Champagne.) This is because with each purchase of tapas or a sandwich they give you a free bottle of their own cava, yeah an entire bottle! Great place to start the night off at cheaply, about €5, and you need to get here early cause it gets busy and it’s kinda small! It’s located near Port Vell @ 7 Carrer de la Reina Cristina.

Clubs aka Discotecas

So there are so many clubs in Barcelona, but I will just go into detail about a few of my faves. Clubs usually get busy around 2ish and stay open late, so expect the see the sun when you finally emerge after dancing your ass off. Two tips for those of you who want to have a good night and not blow the bank. First off, pre-drink!! Drinks in the club are around €10 and that adds up. Second, try and snag a promo card from one of the promoters for either free entry or a free drink to save some money!


Lexy and I taking in a Vodka Limon @ Opium Mar!

There is a group of clubs down by Paseo Marítimo, which is right under the big fish, by the two towers. Catwalk, Shoko, CDLC, and Opium Mar are all right here on the beach and are all awesome.  Just down from these clubs is a bunch of bars at Port Olympic, please don’t waste your time down here unless you’re into obnoxious promoters with whistles and watered down alcohol.

Europe 2007 1235

Dinner and drinks at CDLC...great atmosphere!

Other clubs that you can get to via metro or cab that are my favorites include, City Hall, Up & Down, Sala Bikini, and La Terrazza. Join Facebook groups for invites, free entry, and to get the scoop on what kinds of music will be played. Many of these clubs will feature latino, hip hop, and techno djs or bands. Also many clubs have multiple rooms / floors to satisfy all types of clubbers.

Enjoy the nightlife in Barcelona! Have one for me and let me know what bars/clubs you enjoyed!! I can’t wait to go back and dance my little booty off at some of my fav spots! :)

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